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bridal underwear

Bridal Underwear

As a prospective bride planning her wedding, paying attention to this seemingly insignificant feature can make all the difference when it comes to not how you look on your big day, but more importantly, how you feel. In this blog we look at the things you need to consider when choosing underwear for your wedding day.

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same sex weddings

Same-sex Weddings

One of the best things about same-sex weddings is the fact that they are relatively modern and new, so tradition and custom are definitely not something couples need to feel they should adhere to in any way. We have put together some of the popular fashions that seem to be trending when considering same-sex weddings, as well as some nice ideas that you might want to think about when planning.

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Choosing a Wedding Venue

Whatever your style, it is true that nowadays, people have managed to get married pretty much anywhere, regardless of whether it meets tradition or not. If you feel confused, fear not! We will take you on a quick tour of some of the different options you have when it comes to choosing the all-important wedding venue.

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Second-Wedding Outfits

Choosing a wedding dress is arguably one of the most difficult decisions any bride ever has to make, so presumably doing it twice is guaranteed to be even tougher. Whether you opt for all-out bridal elegance or understated simplicity, you deserve to feel fabulous on your wedding day; even if it is the second (or third!) time round.

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Destination wedding at the beach
Destination weddings

6 things to consider for destination weddings

Destination weddings look like a dream come true. But whether you’re looking for a tropical beach in winter, rolling Tuscan hills, or a trip to get married near extended family, there are a few things to take into consideration when getting married abroad.

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Bride’s Speeches

In the traditional, old-fashioned ‘rules’ of wedding etiquette, the bride doesn’t usually make a speech. However, there is absolutely no reason why, in our modern world, a bride can’t say a few words if she wishes. If you are a bride wanting to make a speech, we have the basics covered, including some tips and tricks, to strike the perfect balance between love and a little bit of laughter.

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Alternative Hen Party
Hen Party

4 Alternative Hen Party Ideas

For those of us who aren’t born planners, organising a hen party can take a lot of time and energy, especially if there are specific requirements. Whether you’re organising around

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wedding photographers

Wedding Photographers

Taking in every little detail of your day is practically impossible, so that’s why capturing those important moments on camera is one of the top priorities for many couples when it comes to wedding planning. In this blog we look at the considerations needed to help you choose a wedding photographer that’s right for you.

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Wedding stress and self-care
Mental health

Wedding stress: How to prioritise self-care

It seems it’s all too easy to get lost in the finer details of wedding planning and on-the-day organisation, forgetting to take time for yourself. Here’s how to minimise wedding stress by prioritising self-care.

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Comfortable Wedding Shoes

Putting your best foot forward in a pair of shoes that make you feel amazing, but are still comfortable, is one of the smaller, yet vital, particulars to perfect your big day. In this blog we look at the options available.

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celebrity weddings

Celebrity Wedding Trends

For years now, high-profile celebrity weddings have really shaped and influenced the way we go about planning our nuptials, with many brides looking to celebrity newlyweds for inspiration. in this blog we take a look at celebrity trends when it comes to everything from what to wear, to flowers and food.

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Wedding Planning

Dietary Requirements at Weddings

The catering at your wedding will arguably be one of the elements of your big day that people will remember and talk about so its important to make sure that everybody’s dietary requirements are known and catered for.

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