Custom Shaped-To-Fit Wedding Rings

At BWR-London, we can  design your wedding ring to perfectly fit your engagement ring.

Our bespoke shaped to fit wedding rings are hand made to match the shape and style of your engagement ring.  What ever the style and shape of your engagement ring our bespoke service  can create a plain or diamond wedding band that’s a perfect fit.

We started this service because we noticed that clients buying curved wedding rings were not satisfied with the generic curves found on mass-produced rings. We believe that a curved wedding ring should be made bespoke to your engagement ring so that the two fit together as if they were made for each other – which of course they were.

Our Custom Shaped-To-Fit Wedding Ring Creation Process

1. Your new wedding ring will be designed on a computer so we will need to 3D scan your engagement ring.

We prefer to take your engagement ring into our workshop to do this but in some cases we can send you an impression kit for you to use at home and then send us the impression instead.

2. Once we have the scan of your engagement ring on the computer in 3D we can design a wedding ring which will fit it exactly.

3. Working with you, we will create a design for your ring, which can be made from any precious metal and include diamonds, other precious stones and can have a custom engraved pattern.

4. You will be sent computer images of your rings to comment ,  ,as the design develops and once you are happy with the images we can send you a 3D resin copy of your new wedding ring before we go into production.

5. Only when you are happy with the design will we put the ring into production at which point it will take about 5 weeks to make the ring.

Once production is complete you will receive a ring that truly reflects your style and is just the way you want it to be!

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