About Bespoke Wedding Rings

Bespoke Wedding Rings are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of bespoke, beautifully hand-made wedding rings for both men and women. We create rings in Yellow and Rose gold, platinum and palladium and our rings are available in a huge variety of different designs and styles and can be personalised however your desire in order to create the perfect rings to celebrate and reflect your marriage.

Designed to last.

The beauty of wedding rings is that they are for both partners — and the process of choosing the rings is an opportunity for you as a couple to choose your perfect wedding bands together. At Bespoke Wedding Rings we create unique rings for both men and women, designed to perfectly match your style and personality and reflect your marriage.

Browse examples of rings we’ve created online or arrange an in-person meeting where we can show you example. Our in-house experts will be happy to help you find the perfect pair of rings reflecting your unique styles, budget and design preferences.

The BWR approach.

The purchasing process is not a selling process it’s a journey.  We aim to understand your wishes and then guide you through all the options and possibilities available so we create the perfect rings for you and your partner. 

When we have agreed on the designs of your rings we then start the manufacturing process and within 5 to 6 weeks your rings will be ready for delivery! As part of our service we will resize your rings for free in the run up to your wedding, as we know how often fingers sizes change in the run up to the big day!

We proudly hand make our rings in our London workshop.


Customise your ring with a single diamond or as many as you’d like to add extra sparkle!

Laser Engraved Patterns

Choose from a special message or a beautiful pattern to truly make your ring unique.

Shaped To Fit Rings

Designed to fit snuggly around your engagement ring our rings contour exactly for a beautioful ring set

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