Could anything be more thrilling than finally finding your dream wedding dress? Well, maybe discovering that it has pockets! If you are someone who can’t live without your lipstick or phone being extremely close at hand, then a wedding gown with pockets might just be the style you need to put your mind at ease.  In this weeks blog, we have a selection of a few pieces you might want to consider if you are after a dress with some handy hidden storage!



Many A-line dresses, with fuller skirts and pleated lines can be fitted with seamless, hidden pockets, to enable you to carry precious items with you on your big day. In fact, when shopping for the all-important dress, a lot of brides don’t even realise that a dress has pockets until they try the dress on, or a shop assistant points it out to them.  It is important to note here that wider-skirts and A-line styles hide pockets much more easily than pockets in fitted, figure-hugging dresses that will struggle to hold anything inside them. With everything now being documented on social media, with images captured at every occasion, you might be a bride who recoils at the horrifying idea of not having your phone to hand every minute of your wedding day. After all, it is probably going to be one of- if not the- biggest days of your life, so you should feel comfortable to capture the moments just as much as your guests. Just remember you keep your phone on silent during the ceremony, as that could make for a potentially awkward, but very funny moment!


Wedding dresses aren’t traditionally known for being practical or comfortable, with people often accepting that the look takes precedent over any cosiness on such a monumental day. However, wedding dresses are becoming increasingly more centred on the bride’s feelings of relaxation and comfort, as many designers have discovered that the look doesn’t have to be compromised for a little bit of practicality and usefulness. It might be that, as a bride, you just feel more comfortable having somewhere to keep your hands for candid photos or as you stand conversing with your different guests. Your bouquet can act as a sort of comfort blanket before the ceremony, but it is often taken off you during the nuptials and then again shortly afterwards. Having somewhere to keep your hands can add that little bit of reassurance and keep any shaking, nervous hands occupied with something to do!



We are sure that you have always appreciated and been grateful for a good pocket in other clothing items: dresses, jackets, trousers, – a pocket just makes them even better. Well, why should you ditch this preference on your wedding day; a day when you should feel most comfortable and confident in what you are wearing? Pockets can really help add to your shape and silhouette and often make you stand and hold your upper body in a completely different way to when you have your arms hanging loosely by your side. Pockets can help your posture and also act as a way to keep your elbows propped up higher either side of your body, creating an illusion of a longer, slimmer torso.


Pockets can add a casual, modern edge to a more classic and traditional gown, bringing your dress right up into the 21st century. Concealed pockets in a dress might not be obvious to your guests, but they could certainly instil you with the confidence you need to march boldly and beautifully down that aisle!  As with everything on your wedding day it is entirely your choice so do whatever makes you comfortable.


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