Nobody wants to miss the mark with a gift, especially on such a special occasion. Wedding gift lists point guests in the right direction, so they know exactly what you want and where to get it from! But how and where can you curate the best wedding gift lists?

Is it demanding to have a wedding gift list?

Whether you’re having a lavish affair or an intimate do, most guests don’t like to turn up empty-handed. So you’re likely to receive some gifts, whether you create a list or not.

Letting friends and family know what you like takes away the stress of choosing the perfect present. But some people are uncomfortable with the idea of listing their ideal gifts.

One way to get around this is in the wording. When you direct people to your wedding gift list, imagine you’re an invitee reading about someone else’s wedding. How would you react? Does it sound grateful and helpful? Is the list optional?

Wedding gifts


Choosing your gifts

According to the team at Prezola (a wedding gift list service), guests spend around £74 on a gift. However, it’s a good idea to add items in a variety of price ranges. Not everyone can afford the same amount and adding smaller items will help to accommodate everyone.

When deciding what makes the cut, it’s completely up to you what you choose. On one hand, you could think about necessities. Are there any vital things you’re lacking?

On the other hand, it’s an opportunity to receive gifts you wouldn’t usually buy for yourself. Another option is to ask for donations towards a trip or fund, or contributions towards your honeymoon.


3 ways to create a wedding gift list 

  1. Use a wedding gift registry service

A quick Google search brings up several online gift list services dedicated to weddings. You can curate your own lists, browse for inspiration, and even peek at example lists from real couples.

One particularly useful feature is group gifting, where several friends can get together to contribute to an item. This can take the pressure off individual guests and also allow you to list larger items.

When choosing a gift list service, make sure to do thorough research to ensure its legitimate and well reviewed. Some companies charge a percentage fee for handling money donated to a wedding fund. You might also find that certain companies only partner with specific brands.


  1. Choose a specific shop

It’s thought that Macy’s introduced the first wedding gift registry in the 1920s. Today, John Lewis offers a similar service in the UK. Amongst their features is the option to mark the purchase as a gift at the checkout, so your friends and family can tell you who the present is from.

Another popular option is Amazon’s Wedding List. It works in a similar way to their Wish List, but you can add gifts from around the web. They keep a detailed list of who ordered what and offer free delivery for Prime customers.


  1. Ask for donations for a trip

These days, many couples already have the household items they need. Instead, some engaged couples prefer to ask for donations for a trip or their honeymoon. It’s a good idea to be clear what guests are donating to and suggest it’s optional – after all, some people just prefer to buy a physical gift.

However you decide to collect monetary gifts, it’s important to make sure transactions are safe and easy. There are a number of cash wedding registry websites available, but make sure to thoroughly research them if you choose to go with one.


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