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Designed to last.

BWR   about us

The idea for BWR London started around the dinner table at home in the early part of 2017 as I was organising wedding rings for my own wedding.   I had been looking for wedding rings and became disappointed with the reality of shopping in high street jewellers.

I thought there had to be a better way and so I set out to find one.

Initially we exhibited at wedding fairs and met clients online through social media.  I had always been interested in jewellery and I had a passion for customer service and helping people.  The two fell into place and the business started to take off. 

We were getting amazing reviews and the stand out point was how much people appreciated the level of service, knowledge, help and customer care we gave them.

Before long we had a number of friends trained up and out working wedding fairs and the business started to gain momentum.

Designed to last.

BWR   about us

Towards the end of 2019 we were talking to investors and were close to securing funding to expand the business nationwide, and then the nightmare that was Covid 19 hit town and for nearly 2 years everything was shelved.  Weddings and group gatherings were banned, and the industry came to a standstill.

We tried to use the time as productively as possible, we commissioned our first website, developed a way to make Shaped to Fit wedding rings without having to take clients’ engagement rings into the workshop, and we looked at the best way to expand nationwide without losing our core values, customer focused care attention value and above all the buying experience.  We wanted to make buying your wedding rings a special experience.  After all, a wedding ring is not just any piece of Jewellery.

We also started collaborating with Bridal Boutiques and bringing them in as agents.

Boutique owners are also passionate about service and with our training are able to guide clients through the options and possibilities available to find their perfect rings.  Devoting one to one time to go through that process with the client in a nice environment. 

So, we developed a display solution and training programme specifically for Bridal Boutiques and in January 2022 using our own finance we started to build our network of authorised agents.  It’s been a really busy time but I am proud to say we now have 15 around the country from Cornwall in the South to Newcastle in the North and we intend to increase this to around 25 during the course of this year. 

In April of this year, we teamed up with marketing guru Edward Marno who saw the potential of the business and has taken on our marketing and advertising to help grow the business into a household name over the coming years.

It’s not been without it’s struggles but it’s been an amazing journey so far totally fuelled by the amazing feedback from client’s that gives us the faith to know we are going in the right direction.

Price is important but equally important is the customer experience and we want every couple to enjoy the experience whether they are spending £100 or £10,000 and recommend us to their friends.

Browse examples of rings we’ve created online or arrange an in-person meeting where we can show you example. Our in-house experts will be happy to help you find the perfect pair of rings reflecting your unique styles, budget and design preferences.

The BWR approach.

The purchasing process is not a selling process it’s a journey.  We aim to understand your wishes and then guide you through all the options and possibilities available so we create the perfect rings for you and your partner. 

When we have agreed the design of your rings we start the manufacturing process and within 5 to 6 weeks your rings will be ready for delivery! As part of our service we will resize your rings for free in the run up to your wedding, as we know how often fingers sizes change in the run up to the big day!

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