Many brides-to-be agree that one of the parts of their wedding they are most looking forward to is dressing like a princess for the day. Having hair and make up professionally done, putting on a beautiful gown and being told all day by loved ones how stunning you look has got to be up there as one of the greatest of your life, surely!? But in today’s blog we want to keep it real…and the reality is, even a bride has got to go to the loo! It probably isn’t the first thing you think of when trying on your dress of dreams, but it certainly will cross your mind at some point leading up to the big day. How do brides go to the loo in their wedding dress? If the thought of navigating the loo logistics in your dress fills you with dread, try to relax; we have some handy hints that might make relieving yourself a little bit more of a relief.


It may sound silly, but it might help for you to ‘practice’ in your dress, before the actual wedding day. We don’t mean necessarily going to the loo specifically, but try sitting down on something around the same height as the bog-standard bog (see what we did there?) and pull your dress up, to see how easy or difficult the task is going to be. If you have a shorter, thin and flowy dress, this task might not be too challenging at all and you may be wondering what all the fuss is about. However, a more layered, fuller gown might require a few more tactics, so you may need to call in the troops (bridesmaids!) to help you every time you need to go.



Try to work out exactly what the best method is going to be when you inevitably need to go- before the actual day. There could be nothing worse than realising you suddenly need a nervous visit minutes before setting off to your venue, only to realise that you hadn’t even contemplated going to the loo and then going through the stress of trying to orchestrate the whole holding-up-the-dress situation. Give yourself plenty of time, before the wedding day, to try different ways of adjusting your dress. You might discover that you need to pull the dress down from the top, especially if you have a very fitted or fishtail style dress. It might be that you’re planning on wearing a specific item of shape wear under your dress (see our previous blog on underwear!) and this requires a little bit of practice to remove, as they can be notoriously tight. Browse the market for any open-gusset style underwear that can be unclipped or unfastened without the need to physically remove the whole thing- this can save you lots of time and a bundle of stress. If you’re not too picky about your underwear being aesthetically pleasing, you can even attempt a DIY modification on your Spanx and cut the gusset out yourself, saving you a whole heap of money, as well as anxiety.


You could even ask the shop assistants, when trying on your dress, how they would approach going to the loo. You are guaranteed to get an honest answer and there is absolutely no doubt that they will have answered your question a hundred times before, so don’t be afraid to just ask. The key here is planning and practice. As long as you know how you’re going to do it before the big day, you will feel a lot less nervous about the prospect and it will –quite rightly- become just another part of your day.



Whatever you do, do not feel tempted to buy into any antidiuretics that promise to prevent you from going. This is both unhealthy and wholly unnecessary! If you try to stop your body from doing something that comes most naturally to it, you may end up with horrible side effects, like stomach cramps, back pain or even worse. It’s simply not worth it, so accept that you will need to got to the loo on your big day, embrace it and know exactly how you are going to go about it.


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