Getting the right finger size for your ring is essential. After all, you are going to be wearing it every day forever more!

If you already have an engagement ring and it’s comfortable, then read no further – If you need to find out your ring size, please contact us and we will send you a free ring sizer.


Bespoke Wedding Rings offers a choice of 4 different ring profiles. The profile of your ring  is its cross-section and people’s preference depends as much on comfort and a sense of security as it does on style. 


Court profile rings have a curved outer face and a slight curve on the inner face.   They have flat edges that allow other rings to sit snugly beside them, our highly popular Court rings stylishly complement the shine and high quality finish of your wedding band. They are beautiful to look at and comfortable to wear. Court profiles are available in Heavy, Medium and Light weights and all widths up to 10mm.


Flat Court profile rings have a curved outer face and a slight curve on the inner face. They have flat edges which can be bevelled off if required.  They have a modern, minimalist style and are an ideal choice for a plain ring or to apply a pattern.  Flat Courts are available in 3 weights, heavy, medium and light and widths up to 10mm, the court designation refers to the curved inner face known as a comfort fit which makes it easier to take on and off.


Flat profile rings have a flat outer face and a flat inner face.  They have flat edges and project a contemporary style statement for the wearer. Whether you go for a cool, bold and chunky design or the understated, elegant sheen of a slimmer ring, your eye-catching flat profile wedding band will always be in fashion. You can have your Flat Profile ring made in heavy, medium or light weight and in any width from up to 10mm.


D-shape profile rings are curved on the outer face and flat on the inside, the edges coming to a finer point.  This allows the ring to sit closer to the finger on mens sizes and allows the ring to sit under any diamond basket on a ladies engagement ring bringing the 2 rings closer together.  D-shaped rings have a pleasing curve to the top that enhances the shine and flatters any finger shape.   D-Shapes rings are thinner than Court rings and are therefore only available in medium & heavy weights and widths available up to 10mm 



Bespoke Wedding Rings offer widths up to 10mm on most of our rings. Our illustrations onsite are as accurate to scale as we can make them but it’s easier to judge from the pictures above which show the most popular widths of 2.5mm to 7mm



Developing an allergy to your wedding ring is a bit of an aggravation to say the least! It’s not an uncommon condition and if you have are prone to skin allergies, suffer from eczema or psoriasis or atopic dermatitis you are more at risk. But the fact is these annoying rashes are known to flare up suddenly even after years of wearing a ring without any hassle.

The first thing to do is make sure it actually is an allergy. Redness and irritation under your ring can occur because of a build up of soap or some cream or cleaning agent you have used so you need to give the ring and the area a good clean up, remove the ring for a week to allow the rash to subside and then try again before coming to the conclusion that you have an allergy.

Ring allergies are usually caused by sensitivity to the nickel that is part of the metal mix. White Gold is the biggest offender here but any of the gold rings can cause it to some extent. Our white gold rings are rhodium plated which minimises the issue quite a bit but possibly not entirely so if you know you have a nickel allergy or are prone to skin conditions of this sort they are best avoided.

Platinum and Palladium rings are your best choice, both are hypoallergenic.




Keep your ring AWAY from rubbing alcohol – we know this is going to be difficult with the current covid 19 restrictions, and any type of chlorine bleach. Keep this one in mind as you should remove your rings whenever you use any strong cleaning products. It’s not a bad idea to keep a chain at hand to put it round your neck for safe-keeping whenever you need to do some housework or deal with strong chemicals for any reason. You should also remove your ring before going swimming, even in the sea.

The rule is, if in doubt, take your ring off and develop a good failsafe habit to make sure you don’t misplace it!

If your White Gold ring starts to look a bit yellow, it’s not dirty. It needs re-plating. Rhodium plating wears off from time to time and any plated ring needs to be taken to a jeweller for a new layer to be applied. The same goes for our silver rings if they are Rhodium plated.

Apart from cleaning it’s also a good idea to ask the jeweller to check that any stones in your ring are still securely held and that the prongs holding the stones in place are still strong and doing their job.


Treat your rings gently, avoid harsh cleaning products and any sort of chemicals and, with an occasional professional clean they should stay looking good for a lifetime.

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