There is no doubt that from the moment you got engaged to that all-important journey down the aisle, your bridesmaids have been there every step of the way. Whether it be planning and preparing your hen do, helping you to choose the dress of your dreams or helping you go to the loo in said dress on your wedding day (yes, really!), your ‘I do crew’ deserves a token of your appreciation, to show them just how much you value their help and support. Putting a price on your bridesmaids’ love is impossible, but we have some nice ideas that can help you to give just a small symbol of your gratitude and help you say ‘thank you’ in the most thoughtful way possible.


Something memorable for use over the wedding celebration period can be a lovely idea- from personalised pyjamas or dressing gowns, to champagne flutes. Gifting your bridal party with one of these items, complete with their name and possibly the date of your wedding on it, will remind them of your special day for years to come, as well as enable them to use it during the celebrations as you get ready together on the morning or even the evening before. You might also want to think about getting your bridesmaids something that they can wear to accompany their bridesmaid dresses. A piece of jewellery could be a gorgeous finishing touch to any outfit and doesn’t have to cost the earth. Lots of brands like Thomas Sabo or Pandora create beautiful pieces for a very reasonable price, so if you wanted to explore this option, there are lots of styles and ideas to choose from. You could even present your bridesmaids with an item of makeup to complement their look during your big day: what about a MAC lipstick in a signature shade to unify your bride squad and give them something practical that they can use in the future?



If you want to think outside the box for your bridesmaids however, consider giving the gift of an experience. Although it can be a little on the pricier side, taking your bridesmaids on a spa day after your wedding would be an amazing way of saying thanks to them for all that they have done to support you on this momentous occasion. If your girls are a little wilder and the idea of a spa seems too sedate, what about a cocktail making class or fun dance lesson? Bridesmaids are often made up of girls from different parts of your life, combining family members with lifelong school friends and colleagues or work-place acquaintances. Realistically speaking, there might not be another time when the most important friends in your life all get the opportunity to be together again, but they have probably developed a somewhat close bond during the planning stages leading up to your wedding. Getting the girls together again for a fun day or evening out can be a lovely way to enable everyone to keep in touch and continue the special connection that they may have made whilst being your bridesmaids.



We do know, however, that some brides find themselves with in excess of six, seven or eight (or more!) bridesmaids and, combined with a tight budget, buying gifts for all can be a challenge. If this is the case, why not consider something a little more heartfelt and homemade? Something personal, that you have created yourself, really emphasises just how grateful you are for the time and effort they put into making your day a success, especially when they see the time and effort you have put back into giving them a gift. You could gift your bridesmaids with a sentimental photo album, or collection, with photos and notes full of your favourite memories with them, over the time that you have known them. You could even include favourite song lyrics that you have danced and sang to, funny moments you remember (or would rather forget!) and tokens you may have kept for nostalgic purposes, like cinema tickets or postcards. A gift like this doesn’t cost much money, but is guaranteed to be absolutely priceless to the lucky recipient. It takes a little bit more effort and forward planning, but will be so worth it.


So try not to let bridesmaid gift shopping add to the stress and seemingly endless checklist in the lead up to your wedding. See it as an opportunity to thank your friends for their love and support, not just on your wedding day, but every other day as well. Remember that it isn’t about how much money you spend- the thought truly is what counts and no one can put a price on your friendship.


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