A few years ago, a poll revealed that 52% of married British couples found the whole wedding process “stressful”. It seems it’s all too easy to get lost in the finer details of wedding planning and on-the-day organisation, forgetting to take time for yourself. Here’s how to minimise wedding stress by prioritising self-care.

  1. Don’t leave self-care until the wedding stress hits

One minute, you’re hurtling along fuelled by coffee as you juggle six different but equally important tasks. The next, you’re flat out on the sofa overwhelmed and exhausted. Sound familiar?

It’s never too late for self-care, but starting off your planning by being kind to yourself could save you long-term wedding stress and avoid burnout. Apps like Headspace are designed to be used for just a few minutes every day, teaching you how to be “less stressed. More resilient. Happier”. The idea is to concentrate on what’s happening in the moment rather than tackling all of life’s uncertainties in one go. 

As far as wedding stress goes, starting self-care right away means you’ll not only find it easier to regulate planning worries but also relax and enjoy your big day!

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  1. Avoid money worries

Whatever your wedding budget, unusual expenditures can be daunting. As the charity Mind points out, mental health and money are connected, “poor mental health can make earning and managing money harder. And worrying about money can make your mental health worse.”

Although not specifically about weddings, their website has excellent advice for people whose mental health is affected by money worries. Tips include:

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  1. Make a list…but not the usual kind

Dr Suzanne Gelb, writer at Psychology Today, suggests making a “we don’t care about” list to help ease wedding stress. This means sitting down and making a list of everything that doesn’t matter to you about your big day.

For example, you might not care about making a grand arrival at your venue or eating off the finest china you can afford. Once you’ve finished your list, you’ll have worked out what the main essentials are!

And don’t forget, you’re part of a team. If one of you is less involved in planning, see our top tips on how to restore the balance.

  1. Exercise (and not just to lose weight)

Yes, you want to fit into that perfect wedding dress or tux. But there are other reasons to get out and about in the run-up to your big day. Many studies have shown that doing exercise can prove mental health.

Mind notes that exercise can help with better sleep, happier moods, intrusive thoughts, stress or anxiety, and self-esteem amongst others. If you’re not sure where to start with alleviating wedding stress, the NHS website has a 12-week programme that includes cardio, strength, and flexibility exercises.

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  1. Eat properly

Our diet affects how we feel physically and mentally. If you’re rushing around trying to organise everything, you might forget to eat regularly and instead reach for junk food snacks. These foods can give you a short-term high before sending you crashing down.

In a BBC article, Nutritionist Sonal Shah explained the importance of regular, healthy eating:

 “If you get hungry often in the day and this affects your mood, concentration and energy levels, then eating at regular intervals is important…. Eating every three to four hours is fine to prevent one’s energy levels dropping as a result of blood-sugar levels dipping”.

So, don’t forget to eat properly on and before your wedding day if you want to enjoy it fully!

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