The Quick Guide to Wedding Themes

Retro wedding
Your guide to themed weddings, from nature-inspired ceremonies to a vintage lover's dream day.

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Themed weddings might conjure images of stormtrooper suits or princess chariots. But, even the most understated weddings usually have a subtle theme. A wedding theme can help you style your day and provide inspiration for unique little touches. From nature to art deco, we’ve rounded up some of the top wedding themes in our quick guide below.

Nature-themed wedding

Does your dream day include trailing plants and cute hanging baskets? Do you imagine yourself getting married surrounded by gorgeous greenery? If so, a nature wedding might be for you.

Most nature wedding themes focus on plants set against a neutral palette. Exposed wooden tables and chairs can be complemented with hessian or juxtaposed with pure white cloth. Pastel floral shades bring a sprinkle of natural colour to hand-made decorations.

One of the best parts about adopting a nature wedding theme is that it can be as prominent or subtle as you like. For example, you might include natural elements flowing through a rustic wedding theme or wildflowers could take centre stage at a bohemian ceremony.


Retro and vintage weddings

 Transporting your wedding guests back to another era makes for a truly magical day. Vintage weddings are focused on incorporating oldy-worldly elements into your day, regardless of their period. For a retro wedding, choose a decade and start collating ideas. 

With upcycling on the rise and vintage shops popping up on every street, styling your retro or vintage wedding might not be as difficult as you think.  You might find that friends and family have items to help! Antique-inspired table decorations, a classic car entrance, or an “of-the-era” outfits are an excellent place to start.

And, of course, don’t forget to include an element of your vintage theme in your rings. That way, you can keep a piece of your wedding with you forever. Bespoke wedding rings are perfect for this! Have a look at our collection here.

vintage wedding

Seasonal wedding theme

Have you considered using a season as inspiration for your theme? You might choose pale blue bridesmaids’ dresses and crystal decorations for winter weddings. Or, you could mix oranges and deep reds with hints of brown for an autumnal feel.

 Whether you prefer to go all out with your theme or add dashes of colour here and there, you can create a unique design for your wedding. If you’re stuck for ideas, Pinterest is a great place to start. It was the top source of wedding inspiration in the UK in 2018!

Season wedding


Art-deco wedding

Think Great Gatsby, bold geometric shapes, and flashes of gold. Art deco isn’t a subtle style. So, for a true art-deco inspired wedding, you’ll need to think about everything from invitations to dress design, from wedding favours to lighting.

Choosing art deco items as a couple is a lovely way to take the pressure off wedding planning. For more information on getting your partner involved in your wedding, have a look at our article!

At BWR-London, we believe your wedding should be tailored to you, which is why we work closely with our clients to create the perfect wedding rings. We specialise in crafting bespoke wedding rings that you’ll love forever.  We can make almost any ring so have a look at our portfolio for inspiration and get in touch for more information.

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