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Welcome to BWR’s new blog about rings and other wedding things.

We want to go through fun, fancy and supportive topics to help you make it to your special day.

This blog is all about you!

Whether it’s about your outfit or the wedding cake and seating plans, there is something here for you.

At BWR we don’t just want to pride ourselves on giving you the best rings for you big day, but also helping to ease the stress; this blog is about giving you somewhere to talk about your wedding experiences, or just a place to sit back and relax while reading about some interesting wedding topics. With some tips, tricks and suggestions along the way.

We have commissioned some really talented writers to research and write our weekly blogs and below are some of the titles we will be covering.

As we said this blog is for you so please contact us with your thoughts, experiences, questions or if there are any subjects you would like us to cover.



Pockets in wedding dresses

spending the day in a wedding dress

Celebrity wedding trends

wedding superstitions

Seating plans    (divorced parents)

shoes (spending the day in heels)

Dietary issues at the reception

Honeymoon destinations

Weddings during Covid-19

Getting your partner involved in the planning process

Mens rings

Shaped rings

Pets at weddings

Children at weddings


Wedding underwear

Same sex weddings

Hair styles

2nd, 3rd, 4th time around

Stress of wedding planning

Selfcare during wedding planning

Presents for parents

Presents for best man

Presents for brides maids

Wedding planners

Wedding cakes


Themed weddings

Choosing a dress

Wedding insurance

Bridesmaids role

Rings history/ meaning

Gift lists

Hen parties

Destination weddings

Wedding planning

Choosing catering

Pre marriage Legal process


2nd marriage outfits dress

Mother of the bride outfits

Plus size wedding dresses and styling

More To Explore

saving for a wedding

How to save for a wedding – 6 tips

Saving up for anything can feel daunting, but when it’s one of the biggest days of your life there’s added pressure. So, how can you save for a wedding? (Remember – if you need financial advice, it’s best to consult an expert.)   1. Decide what’s most important for your wedding Right at the start,

second time weddings

Second Time Weddings

Second-time weddings can be incredibly special. They can present a couple with a chance at finding love again and the opportunity to start over, with somebody different, in a newly-discovered time of their lives. There are lots of traditional (and outdated) ‘dos and do nots’ when it comes to a second marriage, but ultimately, your wedding should be whatever you want it to be.

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