Find a wedding twin to help you tie the knot

A wise person once said, ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’. Indeed it is true that sharing your worries, anxieties and difficulties with someone else can often be a huge relief. Simply speaking about your concerns or queries can transform a somewhat clouded, foggy view into one of clarity and certainty. This notion can unquestionably be applied to wedding planning, which can sometimes feel like quite a stressful, hectic and lonely activity. When do I need to start trying on dresses? Do I really need to invite those people? How can I have the best day possibly without spending a fortune? Having a ‘wedding twin’ can alleviate some of the stress you feel when trying to plan your perfect day and answer some of those nagging questions that undoubtedly run through your mind, as your big day looms ever closer.

Linking up with someone else who is getting married at a similar time to you can have so many advantages. But how do you find someone with a date near yours? One of the best places to start is Facebook. There are countless wedding groups that you can join and many brides comment with their wedding date and receive lots of replies from people with the same date.  As well as Facebook, lots of wedding websites, such as and, have forum sections on their sites where future brides (or grooms) can post questions or ideas. Many discussions on these sites are centred on ‘date twins’ or ‘wedding twins’. You may be surprised to discover just how many other people are getting married on the same day as you and it can be such a relief to learn that there are other couples with the same timeline as you, or the same daunting deadlines leading up to their nuptials.

Starting a discussion with a stranger on a forum can be an uncomfortable prospect; why would a bride 500 miles away want to know about your big day? But research has shown that sometimes thrashing out your worries and concerns with someone you don’t know can be much better than confiding in your nearest and dearest. Discussing your potential colour schemes and decoration ideas with someone completely disconnected to your own wedding eliminates the prospect of a friend accidentally (or on purpose!) copying you when it comes to their own wedding. You don’t need to feel wary of revealing too many details either, for fear of discussing your plans with potential guests and spoiling the surprise. Another advantage to having an online ‘wedding twin’ is that you will most likely get a no-holds-barred, honest answer to any of your questions- something you’re unlikely to get if you ask for your best friend’s opinion. Of course they’re going to insist that they love your choice of centrepieces, lest they offend and upset the bride! Your estranged wedding twin might have some brilliant plans for their day that you can poach for your own celebration and there is no awkwardness about who did it first or if in fact it breaches wedding etiquette to do so.

Of course, that’s not to say that your wedding twin can’t be someone you know. If you and a friend or family member happen to be getting married very close together, there is nothing stopping you from getting together and brainstorming some ideas. However, this comes with a few forewarnings. Remember: it is not a competition. It is not worth divulging the details of your big day, if it results in a re-enactment of a scene from Bride Wars. Try to remember that, even though you are getting married close together, both days will be fantastic in their own unique ways. Don’t get so bogged down in the details that it overtakes the important sentiment of two people in love being lawfully united. If you ever feel like sharing your plans with someone close to you is becoming uncomfortable, just have a break from talking about it for a little while.

You might also need to be prepared to compromise. Suddenly discovering that you and your wedding twin are using the exact same entrance music might require one of you to make a change, especially if your dates are very close together. Be willing to make reasonable adjustments, but ensure that both parties are making concessions; you both deserve the day you always dreamt of and shouldn’t be put off something you have your heart completely set on. Remember to use your wedding twin for support whenever you need a companion to vent to- the chances are that they’ve experienced a similar issue and might just have the answer. Be completely honest with your wedding twin if they ask you for advice. After all, you would want transparency yourself and they’ll appreciate your input- why else would they ask for it?

Whether you decide to pair up with a friend or stranger, remember that there are literally hundreds of thousands of couples getting married every single year. At times, planning your wedding can feel like a bit of a lonely place, but there will almost certainly be someone out there who can lighten the load, help you clear that fog of uncertainty and shed some light on the situation. More importantly, you can get excited together and update each other regularly on the progress you make planning your big day. You never know, you might actually make a friend for life: planning together could forge a friendship. Find your wedding twin to help you tie up those loose ends before you tie the knot!

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