It is true when people tell you that your wedding day is one of the most enjoyable and magical days of your life…but that it is also definitely one of the quickest! From the minute you wake up and start getting ready to the moment you finally rest your head on your pillow, the day seems to whizz by in a flash and you’re left wishing you could just do it all again. Taking in every little detail of your day is practically impossible, so that’s why capturing those important moments on camera is one of the top priorities for many couples when it comes to wedding planning.

Research is key when considering a wedding photographer, so it really pays to set some time aside to sit down and fully explore your options. A fundamental aspect you must take into consideration when choosing a photographer is style. All photographers have their own unique way of capturing a wedding and you need to go with someone who is going to encapsulate your wedding in a way that speaks to you. Do you prefer the traditional style of posed snapshots of groups of guests, smiling at the camera? Or do you fancy a more laid-back approach, with an unnoticed photographer, making their way through your celebration and taking natural, candid shots? It might be that you are aiming for a fusion of the two styles: a few conventional family snaps, but then some more relaxed, fun pictures of your evening celebrations as well.

Most reputable wedding photographers will have a website you can visit to really get a flavour of their work. Make sure you take the time to look through their portfolios and see some examples of weddings they have photographed before. As well as this, recommendations can go a really long way. Speak to other newlyweds about their experiences and ask if they can recommend anyone. Don’t be afraid to get in touch with a number of different photographers to start a dialogue and decide whether they can offer what you want.

Ensure that you are really clear about the packages on offer from each photographer you look at- what exactly are you getting for your money? Prices can vary quite significantly when it comes to wedding photography, so do your homework and be certain about what is included. Some photographers offer really extensive, full day packages, including a pre-wedding day shoot for the happy couple, an album of printed photographs after the big day and videography all as part of their experience. Many will have a range of packages to choose from, with shorter, more modest options for those who are less particular about their photos. Although wedding photographers can seem very expensive and don’t always have to cost the earth, be wary of any who appear to be offering too-good-to-be-true bargain deals. In most cases, it really will be just that, so be prepared to accept that your photographer is probably going to be one of your larger expenditures when it comes to your big day.

Communication really is key, so when you have decided on your photographer, keep in touch with them via email or your other preferred method. Being able to drop them a line when you think of something important or want a detail clarifying is not only reassuring, but can confirm that you are getting exactly what you want and wont be disappointed when your look at your wedding photos. Make a list of questions whenever you think of one and send them to your photographer to get your queries answered and put your mind at ease. You might want to specify a particular time of the day you want some more intimate couple shots taken, or ask for some photos to be taken in a specific area in/around your venue, to utilise a certain backdrop. You may be wondering how long your photographer is willing to stay at your celebration- do they stop at a particular time or carry on snapping until the dance floor is empty? Will they need any refreshments providing during the day and does this need to be factored in with your venue? If you choose someone experienced in wedding photography, they will probably be able to pre-empt a lot of these questions and already have answers ready for you, but making sure that your personal experience is tailored to your individual needs is what many professionals pride themselves on.

Remember that your wedding photographs tell the story of your day, so ask as many questions as you need to and make any requests you feel will capture your special day as perfectly as possible. Most photographers will be happy to oblige your requests and will put every effort in to make sure that your experience is truly unique and picture-perfect, enabling you to re-live each wonderful moment when you open your wedding album.

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