There is no doubt that social media is now a huge part of almost everyone’s daily lives. Whether using reviews posted on Facebook to inform consumer choices, keeping in touch with friends and family via Instagram, or using a Youtube channel to promote your business, there seems to be a platform available for all aspects of modern existence and marriage is no exception.  The ability to delve into the internet for ideas and inspiration and to be able to communicate with each other and purchase goods from around the world is incredible and opens up a world of choices for the would-be bride.



But where do we draw the line when it comes to social media and the wedding day itself? It is hardly surprising that, social media has emerged as one of the aspects of the day modern couples have to consider, in order to ensure that everything runs as perfectly as possible.


You may be curious to know just how or why a prospective bride might want to control, limit or even completely ban, social media on her big day. Well, although there are many advantages to social media, some people are also quick to recognise the drawbacks when it comes to its involvement in the nuptials.


Many couples now actively discourage, or in some cases completely ban guests from sharing photos of the wedding on any social media platforms. This can be for a variety of reasons: some couples want to wait for the official photographs before sharing their day with everyone, whilst some would just prefer to have more control about details of their day being exposed to potentially thousands of strangers. Addressing this quite early on, through the wedding invitation, can be one of the easiest and least awkward ways of making this request. A simple line on the invitation, asking guests to ‘kindly avoid uploading any images on to social media’, will make it clear that you’re not keen for your day to be made public without your consent. Some couples take a slightly modified version of this approach, asking guests to refrain from posting anything to social media ‘until the evening guests have arrived’. This decision is often made because the couple are keen to prevent evening-only guests from seeing any spoilers before their arrival, so a simple, polite announcement can be made right at the start, before the ceremony starts.


Some go even further however,  and choose to ban the use of phones in general during the day. Realistically, this can be difficult to actually control and may somewhat dampen the tone of what is supposed to be an uplifting, enjoyable and celebratory day. Most people see their mobile phone now as an accessory that is equally as important, if not more so, than their wallet or purse. It is probably better to trust that your invited guests are there for a reason- you trust their judgment and have faith in their ability to judge for themselves whether posting is appropriate or necessary. After all, no bride wants an unflattering, unfortunately angled photo becoming public after their wedding, so you may have to just have some confidence in your guests’ ability to filter out any less photogenic shots.



Many brides and grooms have now chosen to accept that the world of social media permeates all aspects of our lives and actually embrace the use of it as a feature of their special day. Coming up with a wedding hash-tag, for example #thesmithsgethitched, means that everyone’s photos can be accessed quickly and easily and is a great way to share any particularly good shots of the day. Many newlyweds actually admit that some of their favourite photos of their memorable day aren’t the professionally taken ones, but actually some of the more candid, casual snaps that guests have taken on their mobile phones and then posted to social media. It can be really fun for the married couple to discover lots of different photos that they have been tagged in, in the days following the wedding and it can remind them of funny or special moments that have been captured in a truly unique way. Everyone taking photos on their mobile phones can basically serve as the modern day equivalent of a wedding scrapbook and can be a way for the married couple to get an insight into everyone’s experience during their day. As long as your guests use their basic common sense and don’t video the ceremony live on Facebook, then social media at your wedding can be a fun addition- unless, of course, you do want your ceremony to be streamed live!


Whether you choose to use social media as a tool to enhance your wedding, or want to avoid it all costs, it is a very personal decision and ultimately up to the most important couple whose day it is. Striking a balance between too much media and none at all can be a tricky balancing act, but giving it careful consideration before the day and making sure your guests are aware of your wishes, can save a lot of upset or embarrassment later.


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