Choosing the best way to show your appreciation to your parents for their love and support on your wedding day can be a tricky task. Whether you want to thank them for financial contributions, or for giving up their time and effort to help things run smoothly –which can often be priceless- you will be eager to gift them something that shows your gratitude and acts as a lovely reminder of the celebration. There are lots of typical token gifts available on the market for you to give to parents as a gesture of your thanks, but we are here to make a few further suggestions, to ensure that your gift is truly unique and personal to them.


A quick search on the Internet will produce lots of ‘Father of the Bride/Groom’ and ‘Mother of the Bride/Groom’ presents: from personalised handkerchiefs, to wine glasses and hip flasks and even plant pots and framed pictures or messages. These gifts can be lovely and very gratefully received, but are you thinking of something a little more memorable or personal to display you and your partner’s gratitude? If so, think about what your parents are like as individuals and what they enjoy doing. Try to give them a gift that shows you really know them and their interests; consider their hobbies and pastimes, or what they do to relax.



People often say that experiences mean more to them than material possessions, and there are a whole host of experience days out there on offer to choose from. You could send your parents to a spa for a weekend, night or just an afternoon, if relaxing in a sauna or poolside is their thing. Restaurant vouchers can also be very popular- is there a place they’ve always talked about wanting to try but never actually got round to it? You could express your thanks by gifting them with a voucher for a wine/whisky tasting session at a place you know they will truly love. Afternoon tea can be another lovely present: it is less likely that people treat themselves to this and so receiving it as a gift can be a charming (and delicious) experience!


If your parents are keen gardeners or have an eye for interiors, a magazine subscription for a publication linked to this interest could be another great idea. A subscription can also be well received as it acts as a little reminder of your wedding day for months after the day has taken place. Nowadays, you can get subscriptions for almost anything. Literary-themed gifts complete with a novel of your favourite genre can arrive on your doorstep every month, often accompanied by luxury coffee, tea or alcoholic delights. Or how about a subscription of flowers- most well known online florists can arrange for the recipient of your choice to receive a beautiful bouquet every month for 3/6/12 months, as a regular reminder of your thanks and love.



Regardless of the gift you choose, remember that your parents will be appreciative of the thought and effort that has gone into their gift- not the cost of it. It is considerate to try and show a token of your appreciation by giving a gift, but don’t feel obliged to spend lots of money to show how thankful you are- tell them often and offer your time and energy whenever you can to really demonstrate your gratitude for their contribution on your special day.


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