Picture this: the meticulous planning is over, your dress is hanging back in the wardrobe, that pre-wedding diet is finally over (thankfully!) and you have an unfortunate case of the post-wedding/honeymoon blues. Sound familiar? If yes, you are certainly not alone! Lots of brides/grooms- in fact, most – admit that they feel a sense of somewhat disappointment or sadness when all of the celebrating is over and done with. However, try not to despair. Instead of contemplating this period of your life as the end of something, try to envisage it as the start of something very new and incredibly exciting. We have some kind words of advice to anyone out there experiencing a serious post-wedding slump.


One of the best ways of avoiding the sad, empty feeling when a wedding is over is by occupying your mind with something new. Focussing all of your time and energy into something entirely different can be an excellent way to cure those feelings of vacancy and banish your melancholy mood. Think about taking on an exciting new project at work, or embarking on a new hobby that you can really dedicate your time and energy to. You might find that you now actually have the time to commit to that book club, or plan and pitch that presentation to everyone in the office. You no longer have the stress of the wedding pervading your thoughts and distracting you from being able to focus on anything other than walking down the aisle. So embrace this newfound freedom and exert your energy elsewhere!



However, be careful that you don’t take on anything too stressful to replace that busy, hectic and chaotic world of planning that you have just left. Wedding planning can be a very trying time, particularly on your mental health and many recently married couples acknowledge a feeling of pure elation, but also complete exhaustion after the proceedings have been and gone! It is not unusual for a couple to plan a wedding for two years or more, so that excitement building and becoming extremely heightened leading up to the big day can have a serious toll on your emotions. If you have found wedding planning and the whole process particularly stressful and tiring, don’t throw yourself immediately into something new. Enjoy some relaxation time to really chill out and enjoy married life before embarking on something different and remember to get some well-earned rest.


This idea of enjoying married life is also key and a great way to get rid of your post-wedding crash. It sounds crazy, but you can be so busy leading up to the occasion, some couples rarely spend any time together due to being so caught up with the planning and preparations. Now is the time to pass some quality time together, doing things you both love to do without the impending nuptials hanging over you or any ‘to-do’ lists flying around your brains! Make date-night plans for the weekend and just enjoy reminding each other why you were so eager to be wed in the first place. If planning really is your forte and you feel lost without something to organise, plan some small-key date nights or days to make sure you’re still getting your planning-a-project fix without the stress of a huge day to add extra pressure. Now that you are married, you might be looking to another stage in your lives; that could be anywhere from decorating a room in your house to planning a holiday. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you keep in mind each other’s emotions and feelings throughout the whole process- and don’t forget to take some time to rest and recuperate.



However you decide to spend your first few weeks or months after your wedding day, don’t worry if you feel a mixture of emotions, from blissful loved-up sentiments, to downbeat depression. You have just undergone a really huge milestone and you are allowed to feel a little mixed about the fact that it is all finished in the blink of an eye. Accept the emotions, whatever they may be, and put your time and energy into a new and exciting focus. Oh, and enjoy the fact that you can indulge in those biscuits whilst watching Netflix and not have to worry about getting into that dress!


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