Available Profiles When Choosing A Plain Wedding Ring

The profile of your wedding ring is very important so please first pick the profile of wedding ring that you are looking for.

We would be very happy to discuss the different profiles of ring available and the different characteristics of each with you if you’d like, just email us here.

Court Profile Plain Rings

Court profile rings are curved on both the inside and outside faces. They are the most traditional profile and is considered the most comfortable.

Flat Court Profile Plain Rings

Flat Court profile rings are curved on the inside face but is flat on the outside. They have a contemporary look with their flat outside but are more comfortable with the inner curved face.

Flat Profile Plain Rings

Flat profile rings are flat on both the inner and outer faces for a slimline, contemporary look.

D Profile Plain Rings

D profile rings are curved on the outside face but is flat on the inside. They fit snugly on the finger making it less likely to snag and fit well underneath an engagement ring's stone and fitting.

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