Mother of the Bride Outfits


Choosing what to wear, as the mother of the bride, can be quite a difficult decision. No mother wants to outshine her daughter with an inappropriately extravagant outfit on the biggest and most important day of her life, but watching your daughter get married is also a hugely significant moment for a mother and understandably, the ensemble should represent this. Whether the mother of the bride chooses to go with an overstated, grandiose style, or a more demure and reserved elegance, there are definitely a few key points to take into consideration, to ensure that the outfit blends seamlessly into the whole celebration.


When it comes to style and colour, the best way to approach the purchase of the outfit is by taking inspiration from the bride and the bridal party. The bride and groom are the couple who have set the tone in terms of formality and style for the whole event, therefore it is appropriate to stay in keeping with this when picking an outfit. For example, if the wedding is a more informal affair, perhaps in a rustic barn-style venue with more casual and unconventional bridal wear, then the mother of the bride should also work in harmony with this theme. It would be inappropriate for the mother of the bride to go for an extremely formal style if this does not fit with the overall theme of the wedding, so be prepared to be flexible and work with the tone that has already been established.


Similarly, the mother of the bride traditionally makes an effort to stay in line with the wedding party’s colours, particularly the bridesmaid dresses. However, this does not mean to say that the mother of the bride is trying to look like one of the bridesmaids! Copying the style of the bridesmaid dress is a definite fashion faux pas, unless of course, the bride does indeed want her mother as a bridesmaid on her memorable day. It is best for the mother of the bride to wait until the bridesmaid dresses, or at least the colour, has been chosen, so that she can then find an outfit that will complement the bridesmaids, but not in any way appear to be trying to overshadow or imitate them completely. For example, if the bridesmaid dresses are light blue, it might be appropriate for the mother of the bride to choose a navy coloured dress to balance the colour scheme on photographs, although still providing a distinct difference to make clear the different roles within the party.


Experts on the topic seem to agree that the best way to get it right on the big day is to ensure that you involve the bride in any of your outfit choices. Brides are often quite anxious leading up to their wedding day and having a sense of control over proceedings can sometimes help lessen that worry. It could cause a huge amount of unnecessary stress on the morning of the wedding, if the mother of the bride appeared in an outfit that the bride did not like, or felt didn’t flatter the style of the wedding or bridal party (or even imitated the bridal dress too much!). Involving the bride in the process is a lovely way to bond over the planning and will ensure that there are no unwelcomed surprises on the day.


It is also often important to ensure that, as the mother of the bride, you connect in some way with the mother of the groom when it comes to outfit choices. Traditionally, it was always customary for the mother of the bride to choose their clothing first, which would then inform what the mother of the groom would wear. However, simply maintaining an open line of communication during the whole process will ensure that there are no unfortunate duplications on the wedding day. It may be that the bride would prefer the mother of the bride and groom to wear similar colours, in keeping with the theme of the wedding party as a whole. However, it may be that each individual is left to decide for themselves and given more freedom when it comes to choosing their outfit. It is always helpful though, for both mothers to converse about their choices, to make sure that they complement each other well – after all, both mothers are important members of the bridal party and many guests will look forward to seeing what they are wearing just as much as the bride and groom themselves.


A final consideration to make as a mother of the bride is to contemplate your role for the day and how best to ensure that your outfit balances any tasks you may be asked to undertake. For example, the mother of the bride often acts as a sort of hostess at the wedding, greeting guests to the ceremony and reception and making sure final, finishing touches are made throughout the day. It is important to wear something that you are comfortable and confident in; something that will suit your shape and style is key. If you decide to wear something unusual or flamboyant, or something you would never usually wear, this can often make you feel more self-conscious and awkward than simply sticking to a preferred, safer option. So really deliberate on the look you are going to aim for, making sure that comfort and confidence is a key factor in your choice. Whether you choose to order lots of options online and try on in the comfort of your own home, or go for a girly shopping spree with the bride-to-be, finding a mother of the bride outfit should be a really enjoyable and exciting experience, so try not to let the pressure of the outfit become too overwhelming. Happy shopping!


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