What should the best man (or men) receive to say ‘thank you’ for their important role in your wedding day? How much is the right amount to spend, taking into consideration the fact that couples often have a budget for their day, which seems to become stretched further and further as more expenditures are uncovered along the planning process? Well, you may be relieved to hear that you can definitely demonstrate your heartfelt appreciation for the pal who has stood by your side during your day, without breaking the bank or having to cancel an important element of your celebration!


It is quite customary for the groom to present his best man/men with a gift the evening before the wedding day- this is usually an evening when time is being spent together before the marriage the following day. Something quite personal is sure to go down well and there are a whole host of quite traditional tokens to show your gratitude. Personalised cufflinks, key rings and pocket-watches are often gifted, with engravings to commemorate the date of the wedding and possibly a small ‘thank you’ sentence alongside. You may also want to go down the route of presenting the best man with something that they can wear on the day of the wedding- think personalised socks, a posh handkerchief or cheeky hipflask to stash inside their suit pocket.



If you want to spend a little bit more money on your best man, then personalised whiskey tumblers along with a bottle of their favourite drink might be a nice souvenir of the day. In fact, you can now buy almost anything with a personalised touch on the internet- from leather belts, to steak boards, to luggage tags. Giving your best man a personalised everyday item that they are likely to use a lot means that they will not only get great use out of it, but will also be reminded of your wedding day for years to come.


However, you may wish to stray a little further from tradition and ditch the usual token gifts. Offering an experience instead of a present might be considered as a more memorable and personal gift, especially if it is something the best man and groom can do together. A whiskey-tasting day could be well received by an enthusiast of scotch, whilst a supercar driving experience could be perfect for the adrenaline-junkie speed-demon! Or how about a voucher for somewhere you know your best man frequents often, or wants to visit? A contribution towards a lovely meal at their favourite restaurant would be a great gift, or even hotel voucher to put towards a break away in the future. You may have an aspiring chef as a best man, so a cookery course could be a fun idea, especially if the groom attends too, as it would mean something to look forward to after the excitement of the wedding has all died down.



Remember that, first and foremost, your gratitude needs to be shown through your actions- keeping in touch with your best man and checking in on them as often as you can, will always top any material present money can buy. We live fast-paced, busy lives in today’s society, so it can be easy to lose touch and drift apart when responsibilities are finished, so try to demonstrate your thanks by offering your time every so often- that is guaranteed to be appreciated by anyone. Just make sure he doesn’t forget your rings!


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