When you have finally decided on your wedding venue and secured that all-important ceremony date, your next step will be to perfect some of the finer details, including food. The catering at your wedding will arguably be one of the elements of your big day that people will remember and talk about- so no pressure! However, don’t panic, as there are now so many different options when it comes to cuisine for your nuptials, even if you have some fussy eaters or specific dietary requirements amongst your guest list.


Firstly, it is a smart idea to establish the type of food you are going to be offering your guests and this can sometimes be dependent upon the venue you opt for. Some wedding settings require a much more DIY-style approach, meaning you need to select from an array of independent caterers to come and provide the much-needed fuel to keep your guests geared up for a day and night of celebrations. Some venues, on the other hand, offer a more holistic package, with food included, but this can take many different forms. Wedding food can vary from full traditional wedding breakfast of three or four courses, to afternoon tea ‘help yourself’ style tables, to buffets and even BBQs. If food is going to be an important aspect of your day, it might even be necessary to find these details out before selecting your venue, in order to ensure that you are going to be happy with the food your guests will be eating. When you’re looking at venues or speaking with staff, ask them what their offerings are for guests with dietary requirements or intolerances, to get a feel for how limited or varied your options are going to be.

When you have established the type of food on offer, you will then need to take into consideration any modifications that may be needed for guests with particular intolerances, or dietary requirements. For most people with very specific requirements, they will understand that eating out can often be challenging and so will be very accepting if their options are a little more limited than others. However, by simply making the effort to consider their requirements and offer an alternative, you are sending the message that they really matter to you and you want them to have as enjoyable a day as possible. A little effort really does go a long way when it comes to personal touches on your big day. For example, offering an alternative dessert table with gluten free brownies or cakes is a lovely idea for the wedding guest who wont be able to try a piece of wedding cake due to an intolerance. Guests are really grateful for these little details.


Thankfully, the modern world we now live in means that we are able to offer and provide a vast array of modified foods to people with various intolerances and requirements. Most venues providing food in-house will be able to offer gluten free options as standard, as well as be able to suggest vegetarian alternatives for dishes containing meat. Veganism is another requirement now very much on the rise, so a vegan option may also be necessary for you to consider for you menu. Some venues will be able to offer your guests a choice from possible 4 or 5 different dishes, whereas you may be making the final call and choosing the food that everyone will eat. With this in mind, make sure you leave plenty of time in order to check with guests, confirm their requirements and pass this back to your venue, to ensure that their food selection will suit their needs.


The most important step to take to ensure that no one ends up hungry on your wedding day is to ask for requirements as early as possible. You will presumably know many of your guests well and so will already have an idea of some allergies or intolerances, but there will be partners or ‘plus ones’ who will be less familiar to you, even long distant family members who may have developed a sudden aversion to a particular foodstuff that you weren’t previously aware of. It would be sensible to include a section on your wedding invitation for guests to indicate any allergies, intolerances or requirements, so that you have this information well in advance of making final decisions and confirming food for the day. Venues are very experienced in altering to a variety of needs and, providing you give them enough notice, should be able to tailor the food to what you require.

As long as you are prepared and plan ahead, there shouldn’t be any reason why guests with food intolerances or dietary requirements can’t enjoy some delicious food to fuel their celebrations. Don’t be afraid to ask other married couples about the decisions they made, or even ask your guests themselves to suggest a dish that would be enjoyable and filling enough to keep them partying right up until the evening entertainment begins!

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