It is no secret that, in today’s society, celebrities love to break boundaries- whether that be pushing the parameters of fashion or celebrating particular milestones in the most outrageous way possible. Celebrity weddings are no exception. For years now, high-profile weddings have really shaped and influenced the way many of us ordinary folk go about planning our nuptials, with many brides looking to renowned newlyweds for inspiration when it comes to everything from what to wear, to flowers and food. Here at Bespoke Wedding Rings, we have compiled a few key styles to help you discover the latest celebrity wedding trends and find out if there are any tips you can tweak for your own big day!

Unsurprisingly, a number of celebrities chose to get married in more intimate circumstances during 2020, in order to comply with COVID safe regulations. Scarlett Johannson and Emma Stone are just two Hollywood actors who allegedly tied the knot during the pandemic, in much quieter, cosy ceremonies. British singer Lily Allen also revealed on her social media that she had wed Stranger Things actor David Harbour in a very laid back, relaxed affair in Las Vegas in September last year, at the famous Graceland Wedding Chapel, concluded by an refreshingly chilled out meal at a burger bar where the couple enjoyed cheeseburgers and fries after saying their vows. If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that love conquers all; guest list restrictions and social distancing don’t have to put a stop to celebrations. A number of celebrities proved that this was the case and enjoyed fuss-free, quiet and understated wedding celebrations and it would appear that many others followed suit.


If a COVID secure wedding isn’t your thing however and you are hoping for a less limited celebration, there are a few trends that have emerged within the world of the rich and famous over the past few years. As expected, celebrities have celebrated making their vows in vastly different styles in recent years, but one trend permeating through nearly all of the festivities seems to be personalisation. Whether that be custom made pieces of clothing or bespoke jewellery, celebrities seem to be ditching tradition in favour of personalising their day to mean something special to them as individuals.  Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber donned custom leather jackets with ‘husband’ and ‘wife’ embroidered on to the back on arrival at their evening reception, whilst Zoe Kravitz and Karl Glusman similarly opted for customised leather jackets but with each other’s faces printed on to the back.  It would definitely appear that celebrities are choosing to ditch tradition and instead, alter small details that make their celebration truly personal and unique to them as a couple- this is definitely something that can be incorporated into any wedding, even in the smallest of ways. When Priyanka Chopra married Nick Jonas in 2018, she had the names of her closest family and friends stitched into her sheer Ralph Lauren gown and tiny aspects such as this can make your day sincerely distinctive.


No celebrity wedding investigation would be complete without a focus on the wedding dress and celebrities certainly do not disappoint when it comes to variation in style, colour and formality. There really is no particular celebrity ‘style’ when it comes to the dress- the rich and famous seem to have every possible variety covered, from more informal, comfortable outfits to outrageously lavish designer garments. Regardless of type, you can be assured that high-profile wedding gowns are almost always followed by huge surges in popularity- they seem to become iconic pieces that are emulated in the years that follow. When Stella McCartney created Meghan Markle’s wedding gown in May 2018, the British designer became amongst the top three most-searched wedding dress designers. As a nation, we seem to put real trust in the style of the royals, as when Princess Eugenie married Jack Brooksbank, her bespoke Zac Posen low-backed dress led to a 200 percent rise in searches for ‘backless wedding dresses’. One definite trend emerging from the high-profile weddings over recent years- including members of our royal family- is ‘undone’ hairstyles. Brides seem to be doing away with perfectly coiffed, impeccably neat hair and are going for a more effortless, almost slightly dishevelled look when it comes to their choice of hairstyle. Low maintenance seems to be the key, so brides to be: take note!


Another small detail, yet popular choice appears to be with regards to flowers. Celebrities are really breaking with tradition and incorporating all sorts of more unusual foliage in their celebrations. Think pampas grasses and dried flowers, sometimes even spray painted particular colours to really make a statement with the floral arrangements. Lots of florists can now offer a huge array of different styles; don’t be afraid to explore your options and really thinking outside of the standard fresh-flower bouquet.


Finally, a notable number of celebrities have now incorporated some eco-friendly elements into their weddings, aware that their high-profile status can be used to raise awareness of important issues around the climate and our planet. Bollywood stars Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone used biodegradable tableware during their wedding, whilst Anne Hathaway and Adam Shulman had a very private, nature-inspired wedding, with a completely vegan dinner menu. There are a number of small modifications you can make to your own wedding to make it a little kinder on the planet- think about recyclable wedding invitations, biodegradable confetti or even composting and recycling all waste on the day, like actress Amy Smart who had an entirely green wedding at her home in Michigan.


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