It is probably universally acknowledged that the bride’s wedding dress is one of the most eagerly anticipated and talked-about details by guests in attendance. What is definitely not discussed however, is what the bride might be wearing underneath her dress. As a prospective bride planning her wedding, paying attention to this seemingly insignificant feature can make all the difference when it comes to not how you look on your big day, but more importantly, how you feel.


The type of undergarments you select depend on two key factors: what you are most comfortable wearing and the style of your wedding dress. Although comfort is key, it is important to take into consideration how your dress fits, in order to ensure that your underwear flatters your overall look and doesn’t cause any unfortunate outfit disasters!



In terms of colour, going for a nude shade is the best option. Most wedding dresses are white, or a very light shade, meaning that any colour (including white) is likely to show up underneath, particularly if the fabric of the dress is quite thin. Even if your dress is made of a thicker, heavier material or lining, you would be surprised at how visible your underwear can be, especially under different lighting. Going for a shade that is as close to your own skin tone as possible will ensure that whatever you’re wearing under your dress blends flawlessly to your body and will not be noticeable.


When it comes to style of underwear, opting for a seamless style is your safest option. If your dress is tight fitting and figure hugging, seamless pants won’t be distinguishable and so will allow your silhouette to flow effortlessly with no creases or interruptions. Even if you are wearing a more floaty style of dress, seamless underwear provides that level of confidence and reassurance that no harsh lines will be detected from any angle. In terms of pant style, there are a variety of options to select from, depending on your dress. A very tight dress may benefit from smaller, thong-style underwear, if you are comfortable with this. However, it might be that you wish to go with a more high-waisted, fuller style, to flatter your stomach area and hold in any unwanted lumps and bumps. It is a good idea to ask for suggestions when trying on your wedding dress, as bridal shop assistants will have lots of experience with this. It is also advisable to take your bridal underwear to your dress fittings, to make sure that it is definitely the right style for the dress and to confirm that it fits properly and complements your outfit.


In terms of other undergarments, this really is dependent on the style of wedding dress to determine whether wearing a bra, corset or alternative is appropriate. Some wedding dresses are very tightly fitted around the bust area, making wearing a bra quite difficult. It is also not uncommon for wedding dresses to include some form of sewn in padding/support in this area, to avoid needing to wear a bra and make you more comfortable. If you have a much fuller bust and your dress allows for wearing a bra, you need to explore your options with regards to different styles and shapes, to make sure that it is not visible underneath your dress and you have no unwanted straps or edges peeking out. Of course, there are lots of alternatives to a full, traditional bra, which can provide some reassurance. Adhesive strips can be applied to secure down parts of clothing, as well as stick-on cups or petals, to avoid having to wear a full bra but still provide that level of comfort and support. You may feel more confident knowing you have at least something there to cover your most intimate parts, so this can be a great compromise. There are lots of excellent variations nowadays when it comes to straps, so if a full bra is needed, there will be options to ensure your straps can’t be seen.


Some brides choose to go for shapewear to really flatter their figure and make sure they are tucked and streamlined in all of the right places. This is an option, if your dress allows and you feel you would be more comfortable. Bear in mind though that some shapewear can be very tight-fitting and feel somewhat restrictive: comfort is key on your wedding day, so practise wearing your shapewear beforehand for a full day, to ensure you are comfortable wearing it all day.



If, like many brides, you are keen to splurge on some fancy lingerie for your wedding night, it is wise to save this for the evening and change into it at the end of the celebrations. Wearing it under your dress all day might seem like a romantic idea, but it can be uncomfortable and restrictive. You will more than likely be hot and sweaty at some point during your celebrations, so keep it fresh by changing into it when you get back home or wherever you are staying for the evening.


There are so many options when it comes to choosing underwear for your wedding day, so explore as many different possibilities as you can. Be prepared to spend a little bit more for better quality and nicer fit- you often get what you pay for with undergarments anyway and bridal styles are no exception. Remember to try your underwear on with your dress at least once and don’t forget to wear it to your dress fittings, to make sure your seamstress can see the shape and style they are working with.


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