Destination weddings look like a dream come true. But whether you’re looking for a tropical beach in winter, rolling Tuscan hills, or a trip to get married near extended family, there are a few things to take into consideration when getting married abroad.

The legal side of things

Weddings abroad can be spectacular. But they take a lot of organisation, and not just from an event planning point of view. It’s important to find out about legal aspects of getting married in a specific country or place well ahead of the wedding.

If you’re a UK citizen getting married abroad, you might need to show official documents. For example, many countries ask for a certificate of no impediment (CNI) that you can obtain from the UK government.

There might also be rules about the timing of your wedding or residency requirements. For example, in France you, your partner, or parents need to live in the town where you plan on getting married for at least 40 days before the ceremony.

If you have your heart set on getting married abroad, don’t let the extra planning put you off. You just need to find the right destination! To find out what marriage requirements are in specific countries, have a look at the UK government page for getting married abroad.

Destination wedding


Who can’t you get married without?

Before deciding on a destination wedding, you’ll need to consider who you want to come with you. If there are certain guests you wouldn’t want to get married without, then the destination needs to be accessible for them.

With all the will in the world, you can’t guarantee that every guest will be on board with the idea. Some might have health issues meaning they can’t travel, others won’t have the funds or can’t take time off work. But others will love the idea of an adventure and fun celebration!

Controlling the little details

We know how things work in our own countries. When it comes to booking an event abroad it can take time to get to grips with how things work. For example, you might be frustrated with the relaxed attitude to planning in laid-back countries, or find there are specific venue rules you haven’t encountered before.

Supervising the finer points of your wedding plans from a different country is difficult. You could hire a local wedding planner to help you along the way. But either way, you’ll probably have less control over the day than if you got married at home.

Do you speak the language…

…or do they speak yours? In non-English speaking countries, you might encounter a language barrier. So when getting married abroad, it’s a good idea to find out if the ceremony will be in English or the local language accompanied by an interpreter.

Wedding at the beach

Plan a different outfit for a destination wedding

Imagine walking down the aisle in a full tuxedo in 30-degree heat or navigating powdery sand in heels. Having a destination wedding will influence what you wear, so it’s a good idea to pick your outfit with your venue in mind.

This also goes for the bridesmaids and groomsmen. You want everyone to enjoy your big day and not look like they’re melting in photos! To help, you could create a mood board and find wedding dress shops that stock a wide range of options.

Enjoy yourself

Getting married abroad is a fantastic way of tailoring your wedding to your style. Although there are lots of things to consider along the way, remember to have fun and enjoy the adventure!

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