Choosing a wedding dress is arguably one of the most difficult decisions any bride ever has to make, so presumably doing it twice is guaranteed to be even tougher, right? Well, maybe not. It is good to remember that there really are no rules when it comes to what you should wear on your wedding day- only traditions. Whether you opt for all-out bridal elegance or understated simplicity, you deserve to feel fabulous on your wedding day; even if it is the second (or third!) time round.


Thankfully, society is moving away from the stuffy, antiquated rules of the past that said brides marrying for a second time should have intimate, quiet ceremonies. Of course, if this is the couple’s preferred wedding style then, by all means, plan something simple, small and romantic, with a simple evening gown to match. However, many modern brides now decide to plan a lavish, extravagant affair even if it is not their first time down the aisle and want to wear something equally as glamorous to complement the venue or décor.



Can you still wear white?

In short- of course you can! The tradition of a bride wearing white on their wedding day (symbolising innocence and purity) is actually now quite an out-dated one and brides often play with various shades for their big day, regardless of whether it is their first marriage or not. If you want to wear white, then go ahead and do it. On the other hand, if you are a bride who wants to stick somewhat with conventions, you could select a wedding dress in a light shade similar to white- think creams, nudes or even blush pink. It may be that you’re not too bothered about tradition, but simply want something different to your first wedding and that is completely understandable. There may be guests at your wedding who attended your first nuptials and so you might wish to wear something completely unlike your first gown, to make sure that you don’t remind people of your first outfit and no unwanted comparisons are made.


Be Bold!

Planning a wedding the second time around has many advantages- you’ve probably spent an inordinate amount of money the first time and are a little savvier about what you spend again on and where you can likely cut some financial corners. One thing you may want to consider, as a second-time bride, is wearing something a little bit different and more daring. Brides getting married for the first time often feel obliged to adhere to tradition to a certain extent; a floor length, white gown, usually chosen from only a few varieties of material and featuring some typical accessories or details  (a train, a veil or lace). Getting married for a second time allows you to part with these expectations and wear something completely different. Don’t feel restricted to particularly ‘bridal’ shapes or styles- if you want to opt for a knee-length, shorter dress, then absolutely go for it. You may prefer something with an asymmetric sleeve or fancy a fitted, cocktail style dinner dress and now is your chance to wear something you truly love and something that is, more importantly, closer to your style as an individual. You might also be thinking about choosing something you can wear again and going less ‘bridal’ and more ‘formal’ will certainly allow you to do this!


In fact, you might be considering moving away from the traditional bridal gown completely and selecting something completely distinctive for the second-time you make those vows. Brides getting married for a second time occasionally think out of the box and choose a cream, tailored trouser-suit for their wedding, especially when the ceremony is slightly more informal with laid-back reception afterwards. Remember that your body shape has more than likely changed since the first time you got married, especially if it is quite some time since your first wedding. Older brides might consider a style or shape more flattering to a more mature silhouette and may find that the style they wore years ago simply doesn’t suit them anymore.


Regardless of the outfit you choose, be confident and remember that you do have a choice – don’t be dictated to by tradition or societal expectations. Instead of feeling the pressure of the second outfit, try to see your position as being advantageous: you’ve been here before and so have the experience to know what suits you, and what you’re going to be most comfortable in. Have fun experimenting with different styles and feel liberated from the confinements of the traditional bridal gown- there really is no right or wrong when it comes to what you wear on your day, even if it is the second time around!

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