Plain Rings

Our beautiful traditional wedding bands are hand made in our London workshops.  They are made to your exact specification including


  •                Gold  – yellow, white or rose     carat – 9ct 18ct 22ct
  •                Platinum
  •                Palladium  950  or  500
  •                Silver

finger size:       A  –  Z+6

width:               1.5 mm  –  10 mm

thickness:         extra light,   light,   medium,   heavy,   extra heavy

Profile:            court,   D-shaped,   flat court,  flat

They can also be laser engraved on the inside or outside as required and even set with diamonds or other coloured gemstones.


Ring Profile Information

D shaped

D shaped is curved outside and flat on the inside coming to a fine line at the edge.

flat ring

A flat ring is flat on both the inner and outer surface with a raised edge.

Court ring

Court ring has a curved front face and a curved inner face with a raised flat side. 

Flat Court

Flat court has a flat outer face and a curved inner face with a raised side .

Popular sizes


Flat Court

Ring Profile

1. not known, Court, D shaped, Flat, Flat court


1. not sure, 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm


1. not sure, extra heavy weight, heavy weight, light weight, medium weight


1. not sure, two colour, Platinum, 9ct Yellow Gold, 9ct White Gold, 9ct Rose Gold, 18ct Rose Gold, 18ct White Gold, 18ct Yellow Gold, Palladium 950, Palladium 500, Silver, Other

Finger Size

1. size not known lady, 2. size not known man, G, G 1/2, H, H 1/2, I, I 1/2, J, J 1/2, K, K 1/2, L, L 1/2, M, M 1/2, N, N 1/2, O, O 1/2, P, P 1/2, Q, Q 1/2, R, R 1/2, S, S 1/2, T, T 1/2, U, U 1/2, V, V 1/2, W, W 1/2, X, X 1/2, Z, Z 1/2, Z+1, Z+2, Z+3, Z+4, Z+5, Z+6

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