In an ever-increasing digital age where we spend millions of pounds every year making online purchases, it only seems natural that more and more people are choosing to buy wedding items online. From wedding dresses and rings, to favours and flowers, it’s now possible to buy practically everything you need for you big day on the web! Understandably, online buying can cause a little trepidation for prospective brides, but as long as you follow a few simple rules and use your common sense, buying online can often save you an enormous amount of time and money.

One of the main advantages to buying online is convenience. Scouring the web for your wedding essentials means that you’re not restricted to shop opening hours or paying for parking on busy high streets or in shopping centres. You can browse for an unlimited amount of time, in the comfort of your own home, without fighting through crowds of shoppers and can take your time, perusing items at your leisure. Opening a number of different tabs on your computer with a shortlist of favourites also means you wont be running from shop to shop trying to compare different styles and attempting to remember what things looked like in order to make a final decision. Online spending gives you the luxury of being able to revisit things you have seen time and time again, allowing you to make a really careful and informed decision to purchase when the time is right.

Being at home and having items delivered direct to your door also means that you can try on clothing or look at items within your own, personal space. There is no pressure of a shop assistant waiting to see or hear your reaction and you don’t feel self-conscious about giving an honest, straightforward opinion to those closest to you. For example, buying your bridesmaid dresses online gives your wedding party time to try the dresses on, really get a feel for if they are comfortable with the style and space to think it over for a few days before deciding whether to keep or return.

Most online companies make returning items relatively simple in today’s age. However, occasionally it can be tricky and you must be very careful to read and check the returns policy of whatever you are buying if you are ordering something you are not 100% sure about keeping. Ensure that items are eligible to be returned and refunded and be sure to check how your money will be given back to you; sometimes companies only allow exchanges or may offer a credit note/voucher of the same amount, if anything is deemed unsatisfactory.

Some people may tell you that shopping online for something as important as a wedding dress or your wedding rings is risky, but as long as you do your research and purchase from a reputable company, you don’t need to worry. If a company has a social media page (such as Facebook), look on there to see what people are saying about the products- are there a number of positive reviews from previous buyers to confirm that you are purchasing from a quality company with a respectable reputation? Also check if they are a UK registered Limited Company and if they are VAT registered in which case, they are much less likely to be a scam.

To further protect your online purchases, it is often recommended to use a credit card. Credit cards generally provide much more protection against any fraudulent activity than a debit card and your purchases are protected, meaning that in the unlikely event something does go wrong, your money will be safeguarded. If you haven’t already got a credit card, it may be worth looking into getting one for all of your wedding purchases. A quick search on any reputable comparison website can give you details of which accounts are currently the best value for money.  If your vendor doesn’t accept credit cards then try PayPal as that also offers the purchaser some protection in certain circumstances.

Best of all, one of the biggest advantages of purchasing online is the potential savings to be made. For example, buying your wedding dress online can save you a lot also, the Internet is full of sites dedicated to the resale of wedding items. Lots of people choose to sell items such as their table centrepieces or dresses/suits on these sites and the items are often in exceptional condition at a fraction of the cost if you were to purchase brand new.

Buying online doesn’t have to be scary or risky- just do your research, take your time and find out as much as you possibly can before committing to the purchase.

At BWR-London, we believe your wedding should be tailored to you, which is why we work closely with our clients to create the perfect wedding rings. We specialise in crafting bespoke wedding rings that you’ll love forever.  We can make almost any ring so have a look at our portfolio for inspiration and get in touch for more information.

Happy browsing!

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