Comfortable Wedding Shoes

Putting your best foot forward in a pair of shoes that make you feel amazing, but are still comfortable, is one of the smaller, yet vital, particulars to perfect your big day. In this blog we look at the options available.

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It is no exaggeration to suggest that the journey down the aisle to marry your partner will probably be one of the most significant walks of your life. Therefore, it is quite reasonable to want to step out in style! Putting your best foot forward in a pair of shoes that make you feel amazing, but are still comfortable, is one of the smaller, yet vital, particulars to perfect your big day.


Some brides take the opportunity of their wedding day to really indulge in a pair of expensive shoes, that they wouldn’t ordinarily treat themselves to. In fact, many popular designer labels, such as Jimmy Choo and Christian Louboutin, have dedicated bridal collections, for prospective brides to peruse and select from. If you have always coveted a pair of designer soles, then what could be more appropriate than your wedding day, to spoil yourself and really go all out!? Even better however, if someone is willing to buy your shoes for you as your wedding present and cost isn’t an issue! Shoes of this calibre will have to be factored into the budget though, if you are footing the bill yourself- prices range from around £500 right up to £900 or even over £1000 for very bespoke pairs. If this seems a little out of your price range, you will be pleased to discover that many more affordable options are out there, often in very similar designs to the luxurious big labels.


If trotting down the aisle in designer labels is a bit of a stretch, then be assured that lots of reputable brands offer bridal ranges of excellent quality and beautiful styles. You can choose from more mid-range brands, where you will be able to pick up a pair of bridal shoes for £70-£150, or even try some high street stores, where bridal-style shoes can be found for as little as £20. It is important to remember that, unfortunately quite often, the term ‘bridal’ incurs a certain added cost to whatever product you’re purchasing, simply because the wedding industry is such a competitive one. There are lots of different styles available on the high street, as well as online that offer a vast array of shoes in bridal styles, but don’t label themselves specifically as ‘bridal’. This is something that you may want to consider, especially if you are looking to cut some costs but not compromise on quality or style. Do a thorough search and compare styles that look similar; make sure you read any reviews that are available if you are purchasing online and check the returns and refund policy, in case you don’t want to keep them.


Aside from style and aesthetic, arguably a more important consideration you need to make when purchasing bridal shoes is comfort. Even the most experienced of heel-wearers need to be very careful about deciding to wear 6-inch stiletto heels under their dress- your wedding day is a long day and you will more than likely be up on your feet for a lot of the day. If you usually wear high heels on a night out, consider how you feel at the end of this night and think about whether you want that feeling halfway through your wedding day! Alternatively, some brides don’t want to compromise on their dream wedding heels, so choose a comfier pair to change in to, after photographs and when the evening dancing commences. This is quite a smart idea to achieve a happy medium between comfort and style.


More recently, as with all aspects of the wedding industry, brides have started to stray from tradition and opt for some truly unique wedding footwear. Many brides, quite sensibly, recognise that they don’t want to spend a fortune on shoes, especially if their dress is floor-length and no one is going to be seeing their feet anyway! Many brides have now ditched expectations and decided to wear something a little bit more unique or quirky, to better suit their own style and make them more comfortable. Brides are now frequently photographed wearing white Doc Martens boots, trainers, or even flip flops under their gowns! Experimenting with colour is also now a popular choice, with brides being inspired by Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw and going for a bold blue pair of designer heels, instead of the predictable white or cream. It really is up to you what you choose to wear and a pair of unusual shoes can be a real talking point and signify something special about you or your partner.



Personalisation is also a popular choice, with couples having the soles or inside lining of their shoes embroidered or printed with something memorable, such as the date of the wedding, or their married name. This idea makes for a great photo opportunity, especially in a traditional church wedding ceremony, if the couple are asked to kneel and then the soles of their shoes are really on display for the whole congregation. One thoughtful detail many couples now include as part of their day is a box of flip-flops or comfy slider-style shoes in a box or basket at the side of the dance floor. Guests are invited to take a pair whenever their feet become a little weary and they can change into some comfy flats, to allow them to dance the night away without that aching feeling in their toes!


When it comes to wedding shoes, there really are an abundance of options to consider. Whether you decide to splash out on a pair of designer soles, opt for a budget pair of shoes, or even ditch tradition and style it out with an unusual pair or trainers, your comfort and confidence needs to be a priority. You are going to look fabulous, regardless of footwear, so don’t be afraid to wear something that will make you comfortable as you make this huge step together with your partner.

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