Brides Dresses – Alternative styles for changing times

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As we enter our second lock down, many brides-to-be are unsure of their wedding plans which may have to be adapted again to fit in with changing pandemic restrictions.  So, as the size of weddings becomes more and more restricted we have taken a look at how some brides-to-be are adapting their dress style to fit the new circumstances.

Despite the uncertainty, the beautiful bride-to-be can still shop online for her dream dress and we have been looking at the current styles and choices available. The fairy tale style dress has had some competition the recent months with a more understated look such as separates, a jump suit or a slip dress, all proving popular and then being accessorised with a veil, jewellery or flowers in the hair.

For some couples, the Registry Office has replaced their planned venue and Brides have chosen to purchase an outfit for the Registry Office ceremony saving their fairy tale dress for when they can celebrate with friends and loved ones in the future.

For low-key weddings, slip dresses are a popular style as they are flattering on a lot of body types, exuding elegance. The slip dress is often available in a selection of colours to adapt to the wedding setting. It’s important to remember that the wedding dress must make the bride-to-be feel special, this is her day and despite the change in circumstances, feeling stylish and beautiful is a must on her wedding day and a change in design does not mean a compromise in quality.

The midi length wrap dress remains a firm favourite, under stated, yet flattering on most body shapes. This style of dress has the option of short, three quarter or long sleeves and again, the bride-to-be will look exquisite in this popular wrap style.

The longer length dress is still favoured by some but again, we are seeing a more classical and elegant long dress with added detail such as a jewelled neckline or puff sleeves and then accessorised by a shorter veil and a court style shoe.

During the pandemic, many of us have begun to evaluate the importance of fashion and it will be interesting to see how this affects the bridal choices of tomorrow when the lockdown has eased.

We have seen accessories being utilised more over recent months to complete the bespoke individuality of the beautiful bride. Flowers in the hair can demonstrate a care-free and relaxed feel in some ceremonies, whilst for others, the flowers in the hair are designed to match the bridal bouquet. Jewellery is highlighting the specific colour combinations within her outfit, a necklace and bracelet often matching the bridal shoes or the grooms tie or bow tie, subtle but extremely classy.

Whatever is chosen, quality should not be compromised.  Brides-to-be have recognised that in the current circumstances, with restricted receptions, the wedding dress and wedding rings remain, as always, a vital part of any wedding and are an investment for the future. Many brides will keep their dress to hand down to future generations or for a keep sake of their special day just as their rings will remain on their hands forever more.

The one commitment that will not change during these uncertain times is the love and devotion of two very special people, madly in love and committed to spending the rest of their lives together.

Love conquers all

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